Under-seat 12v B2B charge system
CTEK B2B charger installed

12V & 240V Fitted Electrics




As standard we fit high capacity AGM dry cell or Lithium leisure batteries.

The AGM battery is able to deliver high current on demand and offers a relatively long service life. They take a lot less time to charge than your normal wet cell battery and they are a completely sealed battery and vibration resistant, whereas the acid wet cell batteries are not and can expel flammable gases.

Lithium batteries have a very low rate of self-discharge which means they can be left unattended for months with zero maintenance required. They are also approximately 40% – 50% lighter than a good quality lead-acid battery with a similar Ah rating. A downside to lithium batteries is that they can’t be charged in sub-zero temperatures, so if they are to used in a touring van that will go into colder climates, some thought needs to be given to keeping them warm; there are heated lithium batteries available but these will cost more to buy.

For 12v charge systems, we fit a battery to battery (B2B) charger that uses the vehicles alternator to deliver charger safely to the leisure battery. We can also fit solar panel with a charge regulator – both will charge your leisure battery using 12v (rather than 240v which you get with a hook-up).

A battery to battery charge system is suitable for all vehicles but is a necessity on newer vehicles as their alternators no longer charge a vehicle battery beyond 80% of charge (so a split-charge relay will not work). This level of charge is to leave room for a regenerative braking system which is also used to charge the vehicle battery.
These lower levels of charge means the vehicle does not charge to a sufficient voltage to operate a traditional voltage sensing or split-charge relays. Any vehicle with stop-start and regenerative breaking (which is most vehicles from 2012 on, and now all Euro 6 onwards vehicles) will have to have this system (or solar) fitted if 12v charging is required.

All older vehicles without smart alternators have the choice of fitting a split-charge charge relay instead of this system if they wish, however we don’t usually install split-charge relays as modern batteries benefit from the ‘smart’ charging systems built into B2B chargers.

All prices below include VAT and are based on an empty vehicle. Any additional work required to remove panels, run cable or install products around already fitted items, is chargeable at £76 per hour additional to the listed fitted costs




~ TN Powder 100ah AGM leisure battery installed replacing existing leisure battery: £260

~ TN Power 125ah AGM leisure battery installed replacing existing leisure battery: £310

~ TN Power Lithium leisure batteries replacing existing leisure battery: from £750 (subject to battery specs)
Consideration needs to be given to the vehicle’s already installed charging system because lithium batteries require a suitable charger, which means if your system is an old install for AGM batteries, the charger will need hanging too.

~ Victron B2B charger – 12v solar ready 30 Amp battery to battery charge system installed: from £680

~ 240v Hook up – Mains inlet socket fitted under rear bumper, going to an RCBO trip and into a stainless double 3 pin socket: £250

~ 240v hook-up charge system – Victron mains charger wired from installed 240v electrics via a 13a fused spur, directly to leisure battery: From £310
Cost is based on good access to battery and the battery being close to 240v wiring – there may be additional charges for time spent accessing the battery or running long lengths of cable.




~ 12v touch lights  (LED light + cable @ 80p per metre + fuse holder + fitting time): £80 each
Discount for additional lights installed at the same time on the same circuit




~ 12v outlets and USB sockets (socket/USB + cable @ 80p per metre + fuse holder + fitting time): £80 each
Discount for additional lights installed at the same time on the same circuit


Please contact us if you wish to discuss any of these options.

Product Summary

  • AGM Leisure batteries
    fitted from: £260
  • Lithium Leisure batteries
    fitted from: £750
  • B2B 12v charger
    fitted from: £680
  • 240v mains hook-up
    fitted from: £250
  • 240v hook-up battery charger
    fitted from: £310
  • 12v touch lights
    fitted from: £80
  • 12v USB sockets and outlets
    fitted from: £80