your van, your way…

Vanscape specialise in VW T5 and T6 conversions. We have many years experience designing campers to meet the needs and demands of our customers. Our range of conversions are designed to suit all tastes, balancing style with usability to the quality and finish you would expect. Our three conversion options can accommodate from four to seven travelling seats, and enable you to choose what to devote the most space to – whether it’s lots of storage or the luxury of a king-size bed.

Vw transporter conversions Ben Nevis

The Ben Nevis is the perfect all-rounder, with 3 rear seats giving from 5 to 7 travelling seats and up to 5 berths, whilst still giving plenty of storage and worktop with the side furniture layout.

Vw transporter conversions Scafell

The Scafell has a more traditional layout with 2 rear seats giving from 4 to 6 travelling seats and up to 4 berths – ideal for couples and smaller families, as it offers more storage than our other conversion options.

Campervan conversions Tryfan

The Tryfan works well as an everyday vehicle as well as a camper as it has a more open layout. With the large 3 rear seats giving from 5 to 7 travelling seats and up to 5 berths and the rear seat converts to a king-size bed.

Whether you have a new T6 or T5 Transporter, all our conversions will be suitable, fitted with or without an elevating roof on a short or long wheel base. All three conversions give ample scope to make it your own unique space, with a large range of customisation options and conversion additions such as, solar panels, canopy awnings and awning rails, leather upholstery, roof racks and many more.