NDS Energy Solar Panel 12V 175W – PSM175WP.2


Nominal Voltage 12V
Nominal Power 175W
Number of Cells in Series 36
Dimensions L1625 x W676 x D60mm
Weight 14.5Kg
Warranty 2 Years
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The solar panels SOLENERGY combine modern construction technologies in the photovoltaic sector with a complete setup and easy installation. The paneled bracket integrated into the panel guarantees superior steadiness and sturdiness, allowing the panel to be kept at the correct distance from the vehicle body by facilitating ventilation and avoiding any leakage. Each module is made with high pure monocrystalline silicon cells, protected by a Tedlar sheet and textured tempered glass characterized by: high transparency, low iron content and anti-reflective coating that increases the efficiency up to 18.05%, all enclosed in two sheets of EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate). Special by-pass diodes protect the cells from overvoltages and minimize the loss of power due to possible shading phenomena.

Solar modules SOLENERGY are conformed to the most stringent IEC61215, IEC61730, and ISO9001 / ISO14000 certification. They resist the most difficult environmental and pollution conditions. They are equipped with by-pass diodes to protect over-voltage cells and minimize the loss of power due to shadowed areas.


Main Features:

Integrated bracket – The special Alluminum brackets integrated into the panel, with aerodynamic frame and plastic side covers make the panel sturdy, safe, easy and quick to install.

Structure – Alluminum Frame High transmittance glass: 91,5% Low Resistance Connection Strips: <69,31MΩ Eva transmittance: <30% (290-380MN).

6 mt. cable – Each panel is equipped with a 6 meters long bipolar connection cable, with an external protection sheath resistant to any climatic condition.


Weight 14.5 kg