NDS Energy Flexible SFS Solar Panel 12V 115W – SFS115WP


Nominal Voltage 12V
Nominal Power 115W
Dimensions L1110 x W540 x D2mm
Warranty 2 Years
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Adapts to nonlinear surfaces thanks to a high degree of flexibility, provides maximum performance with the minimum possible footprint

The ideal choice in the Nautical and Camper sectors where the yield is optimal.

To ensure the best results in the smallest possible space, the SFS range is built with quality and high-efficiency cells.



Main Features:

  • Multiwire cells
  • Encapsulated with 9 layers
  • Immune from micro-cracks
  • Efficiency 20%
  • Excellent efficiency at high temperatures
  • Low power loss in case of shading


Multiwire Cells – The higher number of connections and the smaller cell distance (7 times less than 3bb cells), significantly increases the current flow. Improved resistance to micro-breaks of cells. The dual multiwire “front and back side” connection dissipates 50% more heat than a standard cell and ensures optimum efficiency even in the hottest seasons.

Structure – Built with 9 layers, including the ETFE surface, the best surface in terms of efficiency and durability.

Junction Box – Each panel is equipped with a special Junction Box: location of the bipolar connection cable 3 meters long, with external protective sheath resistant to all weather conditions.