NDS Energy Black Solar Panel 12V 165W – BS165WP.2


Nominal Voltage 12V
Nominal Power 165W
Number of Cells in Series 32
Dimensions L1495 x W680 x D60mm
Weight 14Kg
Warranty 2 Years
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Frame, structure, cells, strings all completely black: the BLACKSOLAR panels capture a greater amount of solar energy and, in conditions of grazing light, such as sunrise and sunset, allowing a production of electricity higher than the standard modules.

High efficiency monocrystalline cells and excellent raw materials make BLACKSOLAR a cutting-edge panel in the photovoltaic sector, reaching an efficiency of 19,5%.



Main Features:

Integrated Bracket – The special alluminum brackets integrated into the panel, with aerodynamic frame and plastic side covers make the sturdy panel safe, easy and quick to install.

Celle Perc – Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell: a new technology to increase the conversion efficiency by adding a dielectric passivation layer on the rear of the cell.

6 mt. Cable – Each panel is equipped with a 6 meters long bipolar connection cable, with an external protection sheath resistant to any climatic condition


Weight 14 kg