NDS Energy Tempra Lithium 12V 100Ah Leisure Battery LiFePO4 – TLB100


Voltage 12V
Battery Capacity (C20) 100Ah
Terminal Layout Side
Dimensions (Including Terminals) L341 x W176 x H190mm
Weight 12.7Kg
Warranty 2 Years
Battery Technology Lithium
Battery Application Deep Cycle
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TEMPRA LITHIUM BATTERY is the new generation LiFePO4 top notch battery, designed and manufactured entirely in Italy.

The TEMPRA battery has the best power-to-weight ratio on the market thanks to the new NDS HDP (high density power) cells, a concentration of power in reduced space!
Where before there were 100Ah, now there are 150Ah: 50% more autonomy for your holidays. Up to 150Ah capacity in the size of a standard L5 box (fits under the Fiat Ducato seat).

The safety systems of the new BMS also include optimal charge management, so you can connect your TEMPRA battery to any charger, even those designed for lead-acid batteries. The charge management and Smart Balance of the BMS ensure that the cells are always efficient and perform over time.

The heated versions provide for use in extreme temperatures, down to a maximum of -20°C, so that the batteries can be used in all weather conditions.

The N-BUS system makes the TEMPRA battery an integral part of the NDS energy ecosystem that can be controlled via Display Bus and NDS Mobile app.


SAME DIMENTIONS, 50% MORE CAPACITY – The new NDS HDP cells (high density power) concentrate enormous power in a small space, achieving the best power-to-weight ratio in its class. TEMPRA has 50% more autonomy, Keeping the same dimensions of a L5 box: where usually the maximum capacity is 100Ah with TEMPRA you have up to 150Ah!

OPERATIONAL EVEN AT LOW TEMPERATURES – Thanks to the heating function (for models which have this function), your TEMPRA battery works perfectly down to -20°C.

EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL WITH DISPLAY AND MOBILE APP – TEMPRA is equipped with the new N-BUS communication protocol that allows all devices (equipped with the same protocol) to be connected in a single energy network. With just one control device: DISPLAY BUS DTB01 or with NDS APP MOBILE, you can control all connected devices, monitor their status and even update them to the latest firmware version (if there is a Bluetooth master in the N-BUS network).

COMPATIBLE WITH ANY CHARGER AND CHARGING SOURCE – The TEMPRA battery’s internal control and safety systems automatically regulate the charge input to the battery. This means that you can connect the battery to any existing charging source without any problems, even with a charger that is not suitable for LiFePO4 batteries, such as those for Lead-Acid batteries.

SMART BMS – The BMS is the most important and complex part of the Lithium battery. The BMS is the brain that manages all the functions, which is why NDS has decided to design its Battery Management System in detail. This means that everything is always under control and safe, both for the battery and the user


With TEMPRA you can connect up to 4 batteries.

Weight 12.7 kg


Battery Capacity (C20)


Terminal Layout


Battery Technology


Battery Application

Deep Cycle