harvesting significantly more energy…

Solar panel efficiency is measured in Watts calculated from how much of the sun’s energy a panel can convert into usable electricity, however this is often an unreliable way for consumers to working out which is the best flexible panel to choose for their motorhome, and here is why:

Our panels are made up of thin solar cells constructed from copper, indium, gallium and selenium which can harvest significantly more energy over a standard flexible monocrystalline panel when compared solely in wattage size.

This is because the technology is much more efficient at harvesting power in low light which means it starts working earlier in the day and later in the evening. This is also the case throughout the day if the weather is at all overcast and combined with its greater efficiency if part of the panel is in shade (as all linked monocrystalline cells stop working if any cell is shaded) makes our panels more than 17% efficient over glass photovoltaic panels and 60-70% more efficient than an equivalent flexible monocrystalline solar panel.

Most flexible monocrystalline panel are constructed in china and on top of their inefficiency they are also notorious for failing after a short period of time. Flexible monocrystalline panel also do not cope well in hot weather as they have a tendency to overheat and burn themselves out (even if a panel sold with a 20-year cell warranty, when reading the small print can often only actually have a 1-year manufacturing warranty and failures are normally down to manufacturing).

Also when reading the small print, flexible panels are often still fragile and can sometimes only be flexed a couple of times. If being fitted to a solid structure this is fine, but if fitting to an elevating roof which will flex slightly every time it is operated, overtime this can break and will not be warrantable. Our panels are fully manufactured in the UK and are designed to also be used on commercial roofs that are constantly walked on, and are therefore almost indestructible.

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