not all conversions are equal…

Here at Vanscape we specialise in full conversions of Volkswagen Transporters, and their fitted accessories. Our range of conversions are designed to suit all tastes and budgets, balancing style with usability.

Our philosophy is that campers should be well built with quality parts; beautifully finished; and above all – safe.

If you’re considering a conversion, and you’re comparing the market, you may already have noticed that not all conversions are equal when it comes to the products used and quality of finish but more importantly safety. UK safety regulations for conversions are not tightly enforced, which often tempts conversion workshops to cut corners and make a quick buck.

If, like us, you prefer to put safety first, there are some key things to check when buying a conversion. Find out what to look out for in our buyer’s guide.

Colin Humphrey, Founder

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“Vanscape is all about inspiring people to explore. All my happiest childhood memories are of campervan adventures. I toured the whole of the UK with my parents, in a Westfalia camper. We explored every corner. If we got bored of one place, or the weather was bad, we just moved on.

“As an adult, buying my own campervans, I found there were always changes I wanted to make to each van, to improve the conversions functionality and to suit my own taste with the kinds of trips I was making. My hobby finally became my business in 2004 when I starting professionally building campervans.

“Now I have my own young family, and we use our own camper all year round. These days, with technology taking over children’s lives, family time is more important than ever – and touring in the van helps me show my children that there is a world out there to explore, far more interesting than any screen!

“With a Vanscape conversion, you’re ready to go anywhere. Consider it your ticket to the world.”

colin humphrey Vanscape director

Meet the team

karen vanscape
Office Manager

Karen has over 25 years experience in finance, and has been with us for a long time, helping things running smoothly by managing the office and keeping all our books in order.

Martin Dark Web
Workshop Manager

Martin is the workshop manager, he manages the work schedule ensuring that everything gets done on time and keeps the workshop running smoothly. He is also a qualified and skilled cabinet maker as well as Diesel, gas and electrical installation qualified.

SteveHenderson Vanscape
Workshop Supervisor

Steve works alongside Martin in keeping everything on track. Has a huge amount of experience in retail and management as well as in carpentry and joining. Steve is also electrical installation qualified.

Sam Palfreyman Web
Workshop Engineer

Sam is qualified in vehicle bodywork repair, finishing and welding. He is also qualified in Diesel installation, vehicle electrics and does most of the vehicle wiring, vehicle cutting and interior trimming.

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