Elevating Roof Solar Power

As we become more and more aware of power usage, solar power has become more popular, which is great as the development for solar panels has taken a massive leap forward. We are now not only able to have cheaper and much more efficient solar panels, but in recent years these are now available as an almost flat flexible mono crystalline panel. These give great power to size output and can withstand really harsh environments – whether intense heat, salt water or ice.

Not only do we demand more power for a multitude of devices in our leisure vehicles but it is popular for many campers to use lower facility sites or to wild camp whilst still wanting a modern 12v compressor fridge to work continuously.

We are able to offer a great deal on a 150W panel from £700 inc VAT fitted. This is the most popular sized solar panel for your camper conversion as a fridge will generally run from a 60W panel, so this gives plenty of power to run your whole vehicle on its own all year round. The panel itself is flat bonded onto the top of your elevating roof. It also come with a 20amp MPPT control regulator (“Maximum Power Point Tracking”) which is what converts the output energy from the solar panel down to a lower voltage to charge your leisure battery. There is a huge variation in quality and cost of regulators. We use the MPPT regulator as are very efficient (nearly 98%) and are the main reason why our combination of solar panel and control regulator work so incredibly well.

If your vehicle has already been converted we can still fit our solar panels to your vehicle. The price of £700 Inc VAT fitted will be a start price and will depend on how easy it will be to run new cable through your existing conversion and finding a suitable site to mount the MPPT control regulator (but will always try to keep it to this cost).

Product Summary

The importance of sustainable energy is ever increasing. Solar technology is now becoming cheaper and much more efficient, and in recent years these are now available as an almost flat flexible mono crystalline panel – perfect for a campervans elevating roof.