Canopy awnings are great if touring from site to site because they are very easy and quick to roll out, giving you an instant sun or rain shade on the side of van. Also, because it is attached to the side of the van, it is always there regardless of you being out for the day at the beach or camping on a site and is easily rolled back out in the sun to dry if put away wet. However, canopy awnings do not have sides, so they don’t give you wind shade (and in fact need to be put away in high winds).

Drive away awnings give you more enclosed and sheltered living space. They are great if stopping on a site for a couple of days or more and not only reserve your pitch on non allocation sites, but also allow you to unload some of your belongings when going out for the day, and some can be used for extra berths at night. The only aspect of drive away awnings that put some people off is that you need to put up and take down a tent (which for many was the nice bit to get away from with a campervan) and if wet when packed away needs to be sorted after you get home.

We always try to keep a good stock of FIAMMA awnings (although there are other makes of canopy awnings, the FIAMMA is the best known, great value, and replacement parts are readily available) and although they come with brackets for non elevating roofs, we have specialised in adapting these to work with the REIMO elevating roofs and all other well known elevating roofs. We also always have good stock of drive away multi purpose awning rails.

We are always happy to fit these to vehicles (even at short notice!) with and without elevating roofs.

Product Summary

Main types of awnings; Wind-out canopy awnings (often seen on the side of vans in a cassette), and the drive away awning (which is a tent that attaches to a rail on the side of your camper).