As standard, all of our full conversions are supplied with a 12v leisure battery, which is charged by the vehicle engine via an intelligent split charge system or for newer vehicles using a fully electronic battery to battery charger (B2B). The 12v system is controlled by our own brushed stainless steel panel with 4 fused switches, 2 12v sockets and an LED battery indicator. All conversions are also supplied with a 240v hook-up which goes to a twin RCD tripped 3 pin socket.

We use high capacity AGM dry cell leisure battery with an intelligent split charge system or B2B chargers. The battery is better at dealing with the constant high currents and draws in your motorhome than any acid battery that most other converters use. The AGM battery is able to deliver high current on demand and offers a relatively long service life. They take a lot less time to charge than your normal wet cell battery and they are a completely sealed battery and vibration resistant whereas the acid wet cell batteries are not and can expel flammable gases.
The intelligent split charge relay is a small item which we fit along with any battery installation to connect the two batteries in your vehicle together (vehicle battery and leisure battery).

When the vehicle is switched on and sat on tick over or whilst you’re driving it detects which of the two batteries has the lowest amount of charge in them and tell your vehicle alternator which battery to charge first. When both batteries are of similar charge they will then both be charging at the same time.

This can be done as a while you wait job and prices start at £550 Inc VAT

The battery to battery charger is used for newer vehicles as vehicle alternators no longer charge a vehicle battery beyond 80% of charge. This is to leave room for a regenerative braking system which is also used to charge the vehicle battery.
This mean your vehicle does not charge to sufficient volts to operate a traditional voltage sensing relay. Any vehicle with stop start and regenerative breaking (which is most vehicles from 2012 on and now all Euro 6 vehicles) still using a simple split charge relay to try and charge a leisure battery can lead to a lot of problems.

At best it just leaves a leisure battery not charged or at worse can upset the whole vehicle electrics due to the way modern vehicles manage their electronics and charging. This could also overload your leisure wiring (at a risk of fire if not properly fused) and if the system is capable of taking the amperage then at risk of venting explosive gasses from the leisure battery (even if using a sealed AMG or Gel battery) and destroying the life of the leisure battery with huge charge dumps up to and over 150amps when breaking.

This system fully wired starts from £700 Inc VAT

Other items can then be added such as control panel, 12v sockets and lights.

Lighting is an important but often overlooked aspect of a conversion. It can make a big difference to the looks and ease-of-use, so it makes sense to get it just how you want it. After deciding that the 12v lights on the market did not have the versatility that we demand, we have worked with the manufacturers to develop our own range of LED lighting with compact campervan usage in mind. Each model has two brightness settings; one for full illumination and a lower light setting (this could be used to save power, as a night light or to give a more romantic ambience to your van!). All of our lights are individually switched, with a rocker switch on the strip and flex light and a touch sensor on the circular light. LED Lights are more energy efficient than compact halogen lights (common ‘energy saving’ lights used in the home) and they achieve full brightness instantly so you don’t have to wait for them to warm up

240v systems

Simple 240v systems can be easily fitted to your vehicle. This includes a camp site hook up point normally under the rear of the vehicle or on the side in a water sealed unit, running directly to a RCBO trip going onto a twin gang brushed stainless steel socket.

This simple system starts at £250 Inc VAT on an easily accessible vehicle with no obstructions.

All of our electrical systems are fitted by a qualified installer and designed, constructed, inspected and tested to BS7671 and BSEN1648

Please contact us for any more details

Product Summary

As standard, all of our full conversions are supplied with a 12v leisure battery, which is charged by the vehicle engine via an intelligent split charge system or a battery to battery charger for newer vehicles.