Campervan Conversions

We offer three main flexible conversion options

Our three conversion options can accommodate from four to seven travelling seats, and enable you to choose what to devote the most space to – whether it’s lots of storage or the luxury of a king-size bed.

Whether you have a T5 or a new T6 Transporter, all our conversions will be suitable, fitted with or without an elevating roof on a short or long wheel base. All three conversions give ample scope to make it your own unique space, with a large range of customisation options and conversion additions such as, solar panels, curtains, canopy awnings and awning rails, leather upholstery, roof racks and many more.

No van to convert? Let us find one for you

We can often beat most quotes on vehicles hunting through the VW used assured vans sales, to suit your requirements and or budget. As we do not put mark up on any of our vehicle sales for conversion and get trade discount from most VW dealerships often getting them delivered to us within the deal.

Standard conversion features

All full conversions are fully equipped without needing extras to go camping straight from collection with standard equipment including:

  • SMEV combined cooker and sink unit
  • WAECO 50L compressor fridge with ice box
  • High capacity AMG dry cell leisure battery with a battery to battery 30A charge system (working with all modern regenerative breaking vehicles)
  • RIB seat/bed system (with 2 or 3 seats depending on the conversion)
  • full gas bottle and water container,
  • electrical hook-up lead and adapter
  • full set of window thermal screens

We also offer package deals which include an elevating roof, roof bed, lots of additional top cupboards, rear speakers, over mats and more.

Ben Nevis

The Ben Nevis is the perfect all-rounder, with 3 rear seats giving from 5 to 7 travelling seats and up to 5 berths, whilst still giving plenty of storage and worktop with the side furniture layout.

With capacity for a lot of travelling seats, the Ben Nevis conversion suits larger families and those who just prefer a larger bed whilst still wanting ample cupboard space.

  • triple rear seats (up to 7 travelling seats)
  • standard double bed
  • slim line furniture
  • good worktop and cupboard space.
Vw transporter conversions Ben Nevis

The Scafell has a more traditional layout with 2 rear seats giving from 4 to 6 travelling seats and up to 4 berths, giving the most storage and worktop space with the wider side furniture layout.

The Scafell conversion is ideal for couples and smaller families, offering more storage than our other conversion options.

  • Industry standard two rear seats (up to 6 travelling seats)
  • small double bed
  • larger side cupboards, storage and worktop space.
Vw transporter conversions Scafell

The Tryfan works well as an everyday vehicle as well as a camper. With the large 3 rear seats giving from 5 to 7 travelling seats and up to 5 berths, and the rear seat converts to a king-size bed. This conversion still has all the same elements as the other conversions but a more open layout.

  • triple rear seats (up to 7 travelling seats)
  • full king-size bed which occupies the entire rear section of the van
  • more versatility – more open internal usable space.
Campervan conversions Tryfan